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If You Give a Mouse a Cookie…..

100_2065The 1st grade classes are hearing a favorite story by Laura Numeroff titled; “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” in April at the library.  As always, after the story they make a craft to go along with the story.  There are lots of these tales starring dogs, moose, pigs, and more.  Come check it out!






4th Grade “Flips” Over Author Denise Fleming

100_2047With help from The Friends of the El Paso Public Library’s Vice-President, the 4th grade classes made Beetle-Bop pancakes to get the feel of author Denise Fleming’s method of illustrating her many children’s books.  Each month we celebrate an author’s birthday by learning more about them.  Come in any time to find a book by this great author and her fantastic process for creating her illustrations!



Winter Stories

snowmanEach month the Kindergarten classes visit the library.  In January, the classes visit to hear a winter story.  The first thing we do is sing “Rockin’ the Alphabet”.  Class members get to point to each letter as we sing the song.

Our story for January was “Snowmen At Night”.  We learned a secret about this book and the other 2 like it.  Mrs. Griffith gave each student a paper book entitled; “What Can We Do In The Snow?”.  If a child reads it and returns it to the library, they will receive a snowflake slap bracelet!100_2009100_2010

Author Birthday Party

This month we celebrated Kevin Henkes’ birthday during 4th grade visits.  He has written lots of books for preschoolers on up to Junior Highers.  His most recognized books are about mice.  Thats why when we posed for our pictures, we said; “Cheese!”

Kindergarten Thanksgiving

The Kindergarten classes are hearing some great Thanksgiving stories, including one to take home and read.  Children need to return the Thanksgiving paper book to the library to receive a small prize.  This month it is a fun size candy bar!

Thankful 2nd Graders

Thanksgiving is almost here, so we are reading a story that hits ‘home’ with everyone.  After  “Round the Turkey” is read, the classes work on a Thanksgiving book and take turns checking out a book to keep in class until their December visit.

FYI:  The class visited on fake injury day.  No 2nd graders were hurt in the making of these photographs!

Read Me A Story!

The Bright Beginnings and Early Childhood classes sing “Read Me A Story” before we read the story specially selected for them.  Each month the classes visit here at the library and work on a nursery rhyme, read a story related to the rhyme (atfer singing the song), and check out books to look at in their classroom.

One of the lines says; “if you want to hear a story, it’s OK to say….

Read Me A Story!

Kindergarten- Ready Set, Sing! (and read)

The Kindergarten classes visit the library each month to enjoy stories of the seasons and holidays.  In October, classes sang “Rockin’ The Alphabet” while class members pointed to each letter before we read our fall stories.  As the class leaves they are each given a book to take home and read with an adult.  If they bring that book, signed by who they read it to, in to the library, they will get a small prize from the librarians.  They can choose to read it to one of the librarians when they come in.  We will make time to read with you!

Silly Gracie

First grades classes are listening to “The Great Gracie Chase” by Cynthia Rylant for November visits to the library.  After we read the story, each child created a Gracie puppet to take home so they can tell the story to their family!  Enjoy.

Stellaluna- There’s No ‘Bat-ter’ Story!

2nd grade classes are experiencing a great story of friendship and having a fun craft too!  Ocotber is the perfect month to have a bat story, and Stellaluna by Janell Cannon is a good one.  After we read the story the children made bat stick puppets and took turns finding a ‘just right’ book to check out as a class-time book to read.  They stay in the classroom to be read at free time and during reading times, and will be returned when the class visits the following month.